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While certain chapters from books certainly may have formed your opinions of sex as a youth, there's nothing quite like seeing a sexy movie scene for the first time and feeling the foundation of your whole sense of existence shift. Or other chill things I felt the first time I saw Titanic, idk.

Here, six women explain the first formative movie scenes that shaped their adolescences and knowledge of sex.

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1. Cruel Intentions

"Cruel Intentions had such an intense effect on my as a teenager. I was 13 when I saw it and it was my first time seeing someone I identified with on screen — Selma Blair. She was eager to learn about sex and sexuality, but didn't have any of the tools or the knowledge. When Selma and Sarah Michelle Gellar made out in the park for Selma's 'first kiss,' I immediately wanted to figure out how to get my girl friends to kiss me like that! Looking back on the film now, so much of what was going on wasn't consensual, and the characters were extremely manipulative with sex, but the way that guys see taking virginity as a prize to be won and rebellious girls using their sexual prowess as a means of intimidation and control are tropes I saw play out in my high school and college years for sure. Except no guys had a car as nice as Ryan Phillipe's." —Kenna, 29


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2. Grease

"I remember watching [Grease at] as young as 7 or 8 years old, and there are two specific scenes that kind of stand out to me now that I'm older. The first is the scene where Rizzo and Kenicki have sex in the back of Kenicki's car — without a condom. I had no idea what that scene meant as a child but I remember watching Grease another time as a teen thinking about how insane it was that that scene happened. This was likely because I was in high school, in the midst of sex ed and being scared into basically not having sex at all. I couldn't believe that Rizzo, a high school student, was totally cool with having sex without one.

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"The other scene I think of is when Danny puts his arm around her and then makes a totally unwanted pass at Sandy. When I was younger, I remember thinking that it was weird that Danny would just kind of jump on Sandy, but looking at it now, it's nearly sexual assault. Both scenes formed the way that I not only viewed sex (you're gonna get pregnant), but also how I viewed men. It kind of drilled in the 'guys are only after you for one thing' mentality in a subtle way, as many other mainstream movies have.

"In the end, Rizzo ends up surviving her pregnancy scare, and Sandy and Danny literally drive off into the sunset, basically glossing over every issue that popped up in the movie. I get that the movie was made decades ago, based on a story that's even older than that, but that movie is a classic that basically every woman I know has seen. I'd hate to think that Rizzo, who's pitted as a 'slut' for sleeping with multiple people, and Sandy, who's forced to sexualize herself to be with the guy she likes, are the standard for young girls." —Lauren, 23

3. Fear

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"I saw Fear at a friend's house when I was maybe 15. Even though Mark Wahlberg turned out to be a nightmare, I watched the roller coaster scene maybe three times. At the time, I thought it was weirdly romantic and very suave. I was also very confused how all that was happening on the ride, as I myself am not very sexy on roller coasters." —Caroline, 24

4. The Notebook

"Obvs The Notebook. I mean, The Notebook was the entire basis for a now ironclad rule: If you cannot pick me up and carry me to the bed, I will not fuck you." —Sara, 24

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5. Black Swan

"Black Swan came out in 2010, which coincidentally is also the year I came out as a lesbian. The timing of those two things happening in the same year might be one of the only reasons I believe in a higher power. I'm pretty sure this was the first movie I saw with lesbian stuff in it (even if it was super brief and technically was a figment of one of the character's imaginations). I remember downloading it off some shady site and watching it alone in my room and just being shocked at seeing Mila Kunis's head coming up from between Natalie Portman's legs. Two women were gay! In a movie! I was gay! I was like them! It changed me. And Mila Kunis acting all queer? I became 100 times more gay that day." —Nicole, 23

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6. Titanic

"It's literally the most cliché answer a person can give, but it's true! I loved Leo DiCaprio as a toddler. My dad used to call the house phone from a different line, pick up, and say Leo was calling for me. I was only 4 when the movie came out, but probably saw it a year or two later. The steamed-up car was the most fascinating thing I'd ever seen! Fast-forward 11(ish) years later and I lost my virginity in a car. Makes you think." —Kristin, 24

Answers have been lightly edited and condensed.

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