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What's the most famous divorce movie of all time? No, I wasn't talking about Mrs. Doubtfire. Shut up. I meant the most famous divorce movie of all time where divorce isn't used as an excuse to put a man in drag. That's right! Kramer Vs. Kramer. Good job!

"Helloooooo!" Shut up, I said this wasn't about you!


In Kramer Vs. Kramer, Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep go through a nasty divorce after Streep runs off, abandoning Hoffman and their small son. Ultimately, she returns, leading to a bitter custody battle, which she wins. Apparently, the movie was supposed to end with a pan out to the outside of the courtroom, showing that this fractured family was just one of many people in New York City, but director Robert Benton didn't like. He wrote a new scene in which Streep decides that while she won custody, it wouldn't be right to take the son now. She asks Hoffman if she can go upstairs and say hi to the boy:

Seems normal enough, but as Dustin Hoffman revealed on "Inside the Actors Studio, the final part of that scene was not scripted. Indeed, Streep was still trying to get mascara off her face from the prior emotional crying scene. She asked Hoffman, "How do I look?" and Hoffman replied, "You look terrific." Benton liked it so much, he used it for the final scene. As Hoffman says, "That's us, that's not the characters." The director used an exchange between two actors out of character to close his film. Fortunately, he stopped filming there or the movie could have ended with Streep asking, "So, ya wanna grab lunch?" or "Is it hot in here?" or "Who farted?"

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