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There are two chapels in Rome that mark critical moments in the history of Western art. Most people are familiar with the first; millions flood into the Sistine Chapel every year to marvel at Michelangelo’s ceiling. Strangely, the second is not so well known. Only a steady trickle of visitors filters through the doors of San Luigi dei Francesi – the French church just round the corner from Piazza Navona – in search of the Contarelli Chapel. Yet in some ways the paintings of scenes from the life of St Matthew, which have hung here for more than 400 years, mark an even more extraordinary artistic turning point. 

When they were unveiled in 1600 they caused a public sensation. At the time, Rome was the epicentre of the art world, yet never before had it witnessed painting of such focus, such power, such daring and such drama. Even in today’s highly graphic and visual world, it is remarkable how much impact they still have when you first stand before the altar. 

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Source : http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/destinations/europe/italy/articles/caravaggio-italy-where-to-see-his-art-life-sights/

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