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A lot of the recent Dragon Ball Z games have been fighters, but they’ve been three-dimensional, behind-the-back, split perspective games. Why shift from 3D to 2D?

We’re trying to aim for the core fighting game fans as well as the casual fans, and for esports these types of 2D fighting games are very hype right now. And so we thought that this kind of huge movement in terms of esports, and combining that with a franchise that’s loved throughout the world like Dragon Ball would be a perfect match.


And this time around, were focused on this highly animated expression, and so we wanted to combine 2D and 3D. So the game looks 2D, but the characters are based on a 3D model, so that you can change the angle of the camera and reproduce the famous scenes of Dragon Ball.

You mentioned esports. Do you have any plans about what you’re going to do with the game once it comes out? Will you support tournaments, or have your own series?

We don’t have details right now, but we are considering that. And I do understand that esports is really a community, fan-driven society so I guess it’s all up to the users I would say, but we want players to give us their feedback as much as possible before and after the game is released so we can keep on polishing the game.

For of Dragon Ball Z games, the story is set in stone. Are you planning to go back through the series’ classic sagas again or do you have any plans for how you’re going to deviate from that?

I can’t go into details about the story right now, but what I can say is that we’re trying to deliver the story to users from a different approach from previous Dragon Ball games, so we hope they can look forward to that.

Of the six characters in the demo, who are you most excited about? Which character are you hoping makes the cut?

My character out of the six we’ve revealed so far is Majin Buu. He’s quite unique and technical. You can probably tell that he’s not moving that fast because he’s like the heavy-type character, but he’s got a long reach. For example, his arm stretch out, or he can take a part of his body and throw it at the opponent, so he’s unique in that way. For the characters we’re looking forward to in the future, we obviously can’t say specific character names, but we would rather say that the characters that we’ve revealed so far are quite standard, but we can definitely tell you that the characters in the future are going to be more unique.

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