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「rules / guidelines」

001. This is a drabbles contest so the aim is to keep the entries, short and sharp! The word limit is 

1000 words max

. Please state the total number of words at the end of your entry.

002. Only BTS drabbles are accepted. It can be one of the following:

BTS x BTS or BTS x IDOL or BTS x OC.

003. I will be posting prompts

every month

. Please be aware of the deadlines for each month!


You know when you get a great idea or scene but you really didn't want to plan a whole story around it? This is the time to burst out those scenes. This contest is all about creating a good and lasting impression in a short space. I don't expect a whole story with start, middle and end. And yes that is all the criteria I am looking for and obviously following the prompt and good grammar! Excellent titles will also get bonus points!


I was inspired to start this contest because I know that long writing contests are very time-consuming and can sometimes be tiring. I want you guys to have a space for when you have a writer's block, you can have a

bit of fun

! :)


To submit your entry please fill in the following form and submit it in the comments. Note you must

finish your drabble

before you submit it!

Please subscribe

to this contest as well! 



Story Title:

Word Count:


Story Link:


I wish I could give bigger prizes but alas my pockets are quite empty! And this a drabbles contest, so i'm keeping everything small. I hope you guys understand!

Winner: 1x upvote on 2 of your stories | 30x karma points | 1x comment on 1 of your stories

Runner up: 20x karma points | 1x comment on 1 of your stories


You may submit up to

2 drabbles per month.

008. Please

include the contest's banner

in your story and

link back

to the contest. I don't mind if you start a new story for each drabble or keep them all in the same story for all the different months.


Please ask if anything is unclear! I'm making this up as I go. Noob contest holder right here. Peace out!




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「#spread your wings」「bangtan monthly drabbles writing contest」CLOSED FOR MAY
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