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There is something about Rajkumar Hirani films that they tend to grow on you with repeat-viewing. Not just his films, his music has that quality too. Like Munnabhai M.B.B.S, Lage Raho Munnabhai, 3 Idiots and now PK, Hirani sticks to his tried-and-tested formula and strikes a perfect balance between a socially relevant topic and commercial appeal.

The response to PK, which tackles a sensitive issue like religion and god, has been astounding. The audience has not just come out in big numbers to watch the film in theatres, but have also found the film good enough to recommend it to friends and family.

Aamir Khan - Anushka Sharma PK


Below, we list 10 scenes from PK that the audience has loved (Spoiler alert, don’t continue reading if you haven’t watched the film)

  • Aamir Khan’s entry scene: PK descends onto earth, completely nude. His expressions and child-like behaviour wins over the audience in the very first scene of the film.
  • The scene at the railway stations where Jaggu spots PK distributing pamphlet in his search of god.
  • The scene where Jaggu bumps into PK at the temple. The whole scene of her dropping her clutch into the deposit box, PK sticking stickers of god on his cheeks so that he doesn’t get slapped. And also the scene that follows where PK is taken to the police station lock-up.
  • Mahatma Gandhi photo scene: PK is confused as to why vendors give food in exchange of papers with a photo of Mahatma Gandhi. He begins to collect notebooks, stamps and everything else that has photos of Gandhi.
  • A couple of short scenes where PK adjusts the trousers of a barber. He also realises that wearing a police uniform gets him things to eat as well as money.
  • Sanjay Dutt has a small role in the film, but his scenes with PK are heart-warming.
  • The Bhagwan song and all those scenes during the song will make you cry, while also making you realise the kind of impact that religion and blind-beliefs have on the society.
  • Shiva chasing scene and yet another fake baba sitting in mid-air: This scene has become quite controversial on social media. A group of people have taken screen-caps that are made to look like PK is threatening Lord Shiva by holding the ‘trishul’ to his neck, but if you go watch the film, the ‘toilet’ scene wasn’t one bit offensive.
  • The scene where PK takes a coconut to a church and breaks it (background music takes this scene to another level), quickly followed by a scene where he take wine to the mosque.
  • Stone converted into idol near a college, immediately starts collecting money. Comparisons with a tea-vendor summed up the terrifically written scene.

Those were our best scenes from the film. What’s yours? Post them in the comments section below!

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