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Look, Radcliffe is allowed to be shirtless and kiss anyone he wants, but did no one notice how similar the “Jungle” scene is to Harry and Hermione’s kiss in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”? 

In both scenes, the characters are shirtless and snogging each other’s faces off in what appear to be dreamy visions. In “Harry Potter,” the vision was caused by the locket Horcrux. “Jungle” gives us a lot quick scenes which appear to be hallucinations, and from the way the background is blurred in the kissing scene, it seem like that could be one as well. Ghinsberg has said he hallucinated a woman while stranded in the Amazon in real life.

Plus, “Harry Potter” had the actors surrounded by a silvery mist, and the “Jungle” scene at least looks like the actors are surrounded by fire.


Radcliffe can have confidence that the rest of the movie looks incredibly different than “Harry Potter,” but for this scene it’s “mischief managed.” 

Source : http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/daniel-radcliffes-new-movie-trailer-has-a-very-harry-potter-moment_us_594285cce4b09ad4fbe5b222

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