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Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor's kissing scenes in the upcoming movie 2 States have grabbed eye balls, not only of the 18 plus generation, but also of the toddlers.

The movie 2 States is based on the book ' States' which talks about the adventurous love life of writer Chetan Bhagat in which Arjun Kapoor plays the role of the writer himself and Alia portrays his wife. While, the trailer of the movie showcased many kissing scenes between Arjun and Alia, Chetan Bhagat's innocent child puts him in a tizzy with a rather innocent question.


Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor

Chetan Bhagat recently posted on Twitter, "Dad, why are you kissing mom so much in the 2 States movie ads?" and he also added, "Sab tumhari (Alia) galti hai."


In reply to which candid Alia posted, "We're following the book sir." The funny tweeting continued with Bhagat replying, "Wah, so innocent! Kuch zyaada hi dil se kar rahe ho. Likhe hum, karo tum...wah wah...kya insaaf hai."


Some days back in response to what Alia did best in the movie 2 States, the actress candidly said, "I kiss well and Arjun says so."


It seems the kissing scenes between Alia and Arjun has been the trending stuffs among the Gen Y these days and why not, the couple indeed shared fabulous chemistry on the screen and the kissing scenes even added 'char chand' to the love story.


The movie 2 States is scheduled to release on April 18.

Source : http://www.filmibeat.com/bollywood/gupshup/2014/jokes-on-alia-arjun-kissing-scenes-in-2-states-continue-135477.html

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