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Bollywood has certainly found a replacement for Emraan Hashmi, in the form of >Neil Nitin Mukesh

. In his new film, >3G

, Neil is expected to kiss his co-star >Sonal Chauhan

a whopping 30 times! Looks like we have another serial kisser in our midst!

3G is Neil Nitin Mukesh's latest movie. It is about Sam (played by Neil) who buys a second hand phone that has 3G connectivity, while holidaying in Fiji with Sheena (played by Sonal Chauhan). The plot thickens when he starts getting mysterious phone calls on the 3G phone, from a woman. The movie is scheduled to release in March and it has already created sufficient storm, thanks to the serial kissing sequences.

Emraan Hashmi had always been Bollywood's serial kisser- he has kissed every single one of his heroines. Neil Nitin Mukesh certainly did not start his career on this note, but he is taking his sexuality and his expression of sexuality seriously. According to Sheershak Anand and Shantanu Ray, Neil's kissing scenes act like the icing on the cake in the movie. They are surprisingly sensuous and these scenes will certianly raise the bars of those heroes who wish to be serial kissers too. According to Viki Rajani, the producer of the movie, kissing is an important part of all relationships. If one has to make the relationship believable on screen, there has to be some amount of kissing as well!

The movie's kiss scenes have been creating some publicity for the film, for sure, but so have Neil Nitin's comments regarding his co-star, Sonal Chauhan. Neil made some comments about how he was "incredibly fond" of Sonal, which prompted rumours of the two of them being in a serious relationship and even some rumours about how he had proposed and was waiting for an answer. Sonal slammed these rumours in an interview and they were discredited by Neil, after a while too. Both of them are supposed to be good friends who just like each other a lot and despite all these issues, things remain good between the two actors.

Well, after 30 onscreen kisses in one movie, it is no wonder that people think something is going on between the two of them! 3G is scheduled to release on the 15th of March and we are sure a lot of people are going to turn up to the movies, expecting a lot of action. The movie has certainly got the attention of a lot of people, hopefully it will not disappoint!

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