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> There’s something about a casino that makes it irresistible to filmmakers. The fact that they are usually lavishly decorated helps and so does the fact that they’re the perfect places for characters to enjoy great reverses of fortune – both wins and losses. So it’s hardly surprising that the casino scene crops up in all kinds of movies and often has a profound effect on the plot.

The archetypal film inhabitant of the gaming room must surely be James Bond. Along with the luxury hotel and evil villain’s lair, it’s one of the most typical locations for any Bond movie, there’s even a film named after one. Over the series he’s shown his skill at a number of games from poker to roulette and baccarat. In a very memorable scene in

Diamonds are Forever Sean Connery’s


Bond shows off his knowledge of how to win at craps in front of his latest conquest, the saucily-named Plenty O’Toole. In fact she’s so impressed by his dice skills that she says, “You sure handle those cubes like a monkey handles coconuts”.

Naturally when Mike Myers was making the spoof Bond film

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery he also included a casino scene, this time playing blackjack. Following the lead of the villain played by Robert Wagner who twists on 17 saying “I like to live dangerously” Powers takes card after card from the dealer until he is way, way over 21. In answer to everyone’s disbelieving stares and murmurings his riposte is that he

also likes to live dangerously.

Blackjack is also the game that features in the 1988 film

Rain Man starring Tom Cruise as a small time crook and Dustin Hoffman as his older, autistic, brother. Cruise is heavily in debt and can’t see a way out of it until he discovers Hoffman’s incredible memory for numbers. He realises that this will make him a genius at card counting so they head for Las Vegas where, indeed, he does show an incredible skill at predicting what the cards will be. After a very tense scene they’re exposed but, luckily for Cruise, the casino lets them keep the money.

Even the Marvel movies have got in on the act and there’s a very memorable poker scene in the 2009

Wolverine: Origins movie in which the Hugh Jackman character takes on Gambit. The focus, however, is less on the poker and more on the destructive power of the cards when they are used as weapons.

No piece about casino scenes would be complete without mentioning roulette and one of the very best examples appears in the German thriller

Run, Lola, Run. Lola’s partner has been taken hostage and she need to raise the ransom – which she does in the casino. Armed with only a 100 mark chip she bets on 20 black, and wins. She then puts all her winnings on the same number and . . . wins again. No-one is as surprised as her and she screams so loud in delight that glasses are shattered all-round the casino.

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