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The Dreamers couldn’t have been more different in tone and setting. Green made her on screen debut in 2003's torrid tale of pretty young things discovering themselves.

Sex and sexuality seeped from every pore of Bernordo Bertolucci’s controversial tale of young love and exploration of their bodies. And each other’s bodies. In every combination possible.

You will have to watch the film to see the most explicit endless naughty bits, although we have some tantalising peeks in the gallery above.


Perfect Sense sees Green and Ewan McGregor attempt negotiate the mysteries that lie between the two sexes. Trying to do it in a bath makes perfect sense, of course. At least it is clean. In a manner of speaking...

Source : http://www.express.co.uk/entertainment/films/820978/James-Bond-Eva-Green-XXX-movie-sex-scenes-naked-pictures-breasts-Casino-Royale

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