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Big news in the world of geeky entertainment this week. First, Amy Pascal drops the bomb on Marvel and Sony's deal that the upcoming Venom movie will be in the #MCU, and now it's confirmed that Carnage will be feature in the film as well. Whether they meant to share this information now or surprise audiences is irrelevant at this point.

Best thing we can do is be excited for a more expanded Marvel universe on the big screen. However, was this the plan from the start? Did #Marvel Studios always mean to create a Venom movie that featured #Carnage? Maybe the cast of #SpiderManHomecoming has the answer.

Lots of the characters that actors are playing in the film are still unknown, even a couple of weeks before the release date. Nobody knows who Donald Glover is playing or what character Logan Marshall-Green is playing. However, the big question on some fans' minds right now is: Who is Michael Mando playing in the film?


>'Better Call Saul' [Credit: Sony Pictures Television]
'Better Call Saul' [Credit: Sony Pictures Television]

Michael Mando received lots of fame in 2012 when he portrayed Vaas Montenegro, the villain of the video game Far Cry 3. The character was considered one of the best video game villains to come out in years. He was intimidating, fascinating and just oozed insanity in every scene he was in. Mando even received a nomination for "Outstanding Character Performance" at the 2013 D.I.C.E. Interactive Achievement Awards and he became an instant favorite for fans of the franchise.

So, it would seem that Mando has a knack for playing loud, eccentric characters that are clearly out of their minds. Carnage's alter ego, Cletus Kasady, is a remorseless serial killer who thinks about death and destruction all day and every day. Could Spider-Man: Homecoming be setting up the Venom by having Michael Mando cameo as Cletus Kasady?

>[Credit: Marvel Comics]
[Credit: Marvel Comics]

Having a Carnage cameo would be a great way to connect the two films and set up a potential villain that would be both amazing and terrifying to watch. That reveal could have been the original big surprise that the Venom movie was going to be connect to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This would explain why Marvel was keeping the casting news of this film under wraps for so long.

Unfortunately, fans won't know for certain until Spider-Man: Homecoming is release on July 7.

Source : https://moviepilot.com/p/spider-man-homecoming-carnage-villain/4301943

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