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Cineplex is making changes to its Scene loyalty program this fall that will make it more costly to earn points for premium-priced movie tickets.

The Toronto-based movie chain says it will raise the number of points customers need for free premium movie tickets starting on Nov. 4.

The existing program lets viewers redeem 1,000 Scene points for any movie at a Cineplex theatre.


Under the changes, tickets for screenings in 3D or seats inside an UltraAVX or Imax theatre will cost 1,500 points and movies in the adults-only VIP cinemas will cost 2,000 points.

Cineplex is also increasing the number of points customers receive for more expensive tickets, effectively making it easier to rack up points if you're paying more.

Scene will now give moviegoers 150 points for a premium-priced movie ticket and 200 points for a VIP ticket.

A free general admission ticket for a regular screening will still require 1,000 Scene points.

A representative for Cineplex was not immediately available for comment.

The decision, announced on the Cineplex website, comes after the company shrank the sizes of some of its soft drinks earlier this summer, which resulted in moviegoers paying the same price for a large drink but receiving a cup that is 12 ounces smaller.

Scene is one of the most popular loyalty programs in the country with 6.6 million members. Users earn points by buying tickets to other Cineplex movies or participating in various promotional offers with its partners.

Source : https://www.castanet.net/news/Business/145411/Cineplex-s-Scene-changes

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