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The film is directed by Calcutta-based Q, quite the darling of the indie circuit having caused a stir with groundbreaking hits like Tasher Desh and Gandu. The film is produced by Steve Barron who's other comedies include Dan Akroyd's Coneheads and Mike Bassett - England Manager.


Source : http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/hindi/bollywood/news/Siddhartha-Mallyas-debut-film-to-premiere-and-compete-at-Sundance-Film-Festival/articleshow/50089353.cms

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Siddhartha Mallya's debut film to premiere and compete at Sundance Film Festival
Siddharth Mallya's BRAHMAN NAMAN to premiere and compete at Sundance Film Festival
Bengali Film-Maker Q (Qaushiq Mukherjee)'s "Brahman Naman": Sid Mallya's Debut Film to Premiere and Compete at Sundance
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