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LEGO’s Twitter account have started unveiling the minifigures from the upcoming LEGO Ninjago Movie Minifigure Series! They’re currently trickling out the characters and they’ve so far released 10 out of 20 minifigures.

The LEGO Ninjago Movie Minifigures will be the next minifigure series and has a release date of August 2017. Like the LEGO Batman Movie Minifigures, there will be a whopping 20 to collect this time around.

LEGO Ninjago Movie news has been coming in hard and fast this week, what with the unveiling of the massive 70620 Ninjago City set and all the Ninjago Movie sets – the entire theme seems to be shaping up very nicely and is by far one of the brightest points in LEGO’s entire catalogue this year.


Like “licensed” minifigure Series, which are different from the core numbered series (this isn’t Series 17!), the characters will all be from the upcoming movie – we will get all the major characters like the Ninjas and Master Wu, but also a decent spread of generic baddies and Ninjago City civilians as well, which should be great for LEGO minifigure collectors.

As we don’t have an official checklist or character sheet, here’s all 20 minifigures in one image together with their character names for easy reference!


As this is a 20-minifigure series, we can expect the box breakdown to be similar to LEGO Batman Movie, with 3 complete sets in each sealed box. This means that there will be 3 of each minifigure in each box, so an even level of rarity which is fairly democratic.

That said, we’ll probably need to wait for confirmation first but I would be very surprised if they break away from this configuration.

Here’s are some of my initial thoughts on the characters from the LEGO Ninjago Movie Minifigure series!


Lloyd Garmadon

LLoyd Garmadon aka the Green Ninja who is voiced by Dave Franco is an expected inclusion being one of the core Ninjas. from the packaging that was teased, it seems like we’ll get 2 Lloyds, one of him in his Ninja Outfit and the other which you see above in civilian clothing. Or maybe we’ll get an alternate Ninja outfit but I find that highly unlikely since Lloyd’s the main character in the movie.

I really like Lloyd’s casual outfit, the new green hoodie is a must get for me and it’s great that we’re getting so many more LEGO clothing accessories. He comes with a spoon and a white ceramic bowl with a blue dragon print on it. If you’re familiar with traditional Chinese ceramics, blue and white bowls are pretty much a staple in any Chinese/Asian household.

Jay Walker

Jay, the Blue Ninja is voiced by Kumail Nanjiani, who you may know from the hilarious HBO Series Silicon Valley. Like Llord, he’s also got casual civilian clothes on. Love the khakis/chinos and the bright blue shirt but the highlight of his outfit is the new scarf accessory.

Jay’s also carrying a massive selfie stick along with a smartphone. I really dig his tousled hairpiece!


Gong and Guitar Rocker

Gong and Guitar Rocker is our first generic Ninjago Movie Series minifigure. He has a really edge punk-inspired outfit which I think looks pretty cool. He has a new two-tone electric guitar and also comes with a recoloured Hippie minifigure (from Series 7).

Probably not the most exciting or unique minifigure, but the details on the Gong and Guitar Rocker should make up for a character that has been done multiple times in the past. >

Volcano Garmadon

Garmadon is Lloyd’s absent father and is voiced by Justin Theroux. In this more casual take on the villain, we have Garmadon attired in a Volcano-print pyjamas, of which we have twice the torsos! He also comes with a spoon and another decorated bowl piece, this time in sand green.

I’m a big fan of his massive Samurai Helmet.

Sushi Chef

I haven’t seen half the minifigures in the Ninjago Movie Series or gotten them in my hands, but I already know that Sushi Chef is going to be my favourite. The Sushi Chef comes with a cleaver, sushi tile and a bald headpiece with a black and white striped headband.

A bit about me, I’m a really big Quentin Tarantino fan, and I am absolutely delighted with the Sushi Chef because LEGO designers have finally done the unthinkable and

sneaked a Quentin Tarantino character into the LEGO universe. I am 100% certain that the Sushi Chef is a reference to

Hattori Hanzo from Kill Bill who is played by the legendary Japanese actor, Sonny Chiba.


Hattori Hanzo’s scene where he first meets The Bride is among my favourite moments from Kill Bill – watch the brilliant scene for a better understanding why I’m so excited


Spinjitzu Training Nya

Nya is the Water Ninja (voiced by Abbi Jacobson) and she comes in a training uniform, which has a cute Master Wu patch as well as some really fine and elaborate details. She comes with a pair of training Wooden Katanas which I believe have never been produced in this colour before.


Shark Army Great White

Great White is looks to be a recurring villain in the LEGO Ninjago Movie and can easily be identified by his shark headgear. In this version, he has a more miitary-like uniform on. There are some interesting details such as melted accessories as well as burn marks across his headgear and his body.

He has a black fish accessory with flames spouting out its mouth. Depending on how they’re depicted in the movies, I think the baddies should be quite popular with fans.

Shark Army General #1

Shark Army General #1 is yet another mysterious character but I think she’ll be yet another generic baddie. She has a cool new hairpiece and a really sharp blue military uniform with some really snazzy scales on her legs. She comes with what I think is a milkshake or smoothie and an elaborate cape/cowl that’s shaped like a fish’s fins.

I really hope they get the materials right for the cape – if it is, this could potentially be one of the more unique minifigures in the series. >

Misako (Koko)

I’m guessing that Miyako’s nickname is Koko. She’ll be voiced by Olivia Munn and there hasn’t been a lot of information released on her role. All we know is that she’s Garmadon’s ex-wife and Lloyd’s mum.

She’s got a fantastic sand-green jacker over a white blouse, and there are plenty of nice little printing details on her torso as well as her pants. She’s carrying a handbag and she comes with a brand spanking new hairpiece which has a pair of chopsticks in it to keep everything in place.


Master Wu

Master Wu is the sagely Sensei to the Ninjas and is voiced by Jackie Chan who needs no introduction. He’s a core part of the Ninjago mythos and he’s attired in his usual white robes and Asian conical hat.

Curiously, he comes with a box of Corn Flakes, which has a LEGO chicken printed on it, as a reference to Kellogs. Not sure what the connection is between Wu and breakfast cereal, but this is a fantastic accessory that I’d love to add to my collection.



Here’s Garmadon in his traditional outfit with the black farmer’s hat and samurai armour. He looks pretty menacing here and he also has a cool new spear that’s tipped with a new spearhead.

It’s really fantastic of LEGO to include a regular Garmadon in the minifigure series as it’s such an inexpensive way to get your hands on him. Perfect for parents or fans who don’t want/can’t afford to buy larger LEGO sets but still want their kids to be able to play with the main characters.

Kinda strange, but he looks almost identical to the Jungle Garmadon.

Flashback Garmadon


The THIRD Garmadon in the minifigure series is Flashback Garmadon, which sees him dressed in business clothes, complete with the double tie for his two torsos.

Flashback Garmadon is equipped with a pair of sunnies, tan-coloured side-parted hair, a camera and a tile which depicts what I’m guessing is the Garmadon’s family home – a quaint little volcano complete with white picket fence.

I don’t know about you, but 3 Garmadons might just be a bit too much for me.



Zane, the robot Ninja has an adorable Christmasy sweater, complete with knit robots as well as a hiking backpack that looks to be similar to the one from Series 16’s Hiker.

Really love the sweater and I’m really glad to see that he has shoes printed on his legs!

Kai Kendo


Unlike all the other Ninjas who are dressed casually, Kai the Red Ninja is in a Kendo Outfit, complete with armour, kendo helmet and a pair of wooden swords. The details on his torso and legs suggest that there’s some nice printing under his kendo armour and I’d love to see the entire outfit without his armour on.

Overall, not bad for fans of Kai to be able to get him in such an affordable manner.



Cole is all about rock, and that seems to reflect his civilian outfit. He’s dressed up as a rocker of sorts and comes with a boombox accessory which has an iPod attached to it as opposed to a slot for cassette tapes. He comes with a cool new messy hairpiece which is always good news and a simple sleeveless shirt.



As expected, Lloyd also makes an appearance as the Green Ninja minifigure. Aside from the new Ninja mask, which splits into two, Lloyd also comes with a regular hairpiece which is a nice little touch.

For accessories, he has some blueprints for his Green Mech Dragon and a snazzy new sword as well.

GPL Tech


Not sure who or what the GPL Tech is, but she seems to be a fan of LEGO Batman, as evident by her shirt underneath her white lab coat. She comes with a red coffee mug, which I hope has some novelty print on it as well as a laptop.

Hopefully  a somewhat memorable role in the movie.

Shark Army Octopus


As expected, the baddies dressed up as sea creatures also make an appearance in the series. Shark Army Octopus has the brilliant Octopus helmet on as well as a stud blaster gun and a fish sword.

I’m a big fan of how goofy these baddies look like and it’s going to be a no-brainer army building with these.

Shark Army Angler


Same goes for the Shark Army Angler bad guy, with his awesome anglerfish helmet. He comes equipped with some sort of fish spiked mace as well.

N-POP Girl


The N-POP Girl is going to be a huge fan favourite in the LEGO Ninjago Movie Series. First of all, her minifigure design pays homage to the loud, wild and colourful street fashion that most people associate with Harujuku in Japan.

Apart from being super kawaii, she also has an adorable Unikitty torso! I love all the different references to the other LEGO Movies and reall grounds the Ninjago Movie as being in the same cinematic universe. In addition to her colourful attire, of which we also get a new ballet tutu, we also get a cute pink teddy bear!

She’s definitely my second favourite minifigure in the series so far.

That’s it for now! Honestly, I quite like the series! 20 characters is a lot but

I’m glad that they stuffed the series with all the main characters. You can easily assembly all the Ninjas, get a cool Garmadon and collect the side characters like Misako without breaking the bank.

On the flipside,

I would’ve liked a bit more variety and ordinary Ninjago City citizens. The Shark Army Octopus, Anglerfish and Great White minifigures are great army builders, but it feels like a wasted opportunity to introduce more Japanese/Oriental/Asian character-types in this series.

The Sushi Chef is great, but I wish

we had more regular characters instead of 3 Garmadons!

Anyway, that’s my really early thoughts. It’s a bit hard to gauge this series without getting the actual minifigures in my hands – be sure to look out for a full review when these are out!

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Let me know in the comments what your thoughts are on the minifigures revealed! They certainly look much better than the LEGO Batman Movie minifigures which I didn’t really like!

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