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After six months, the Democrats are finally beginning to realize they lost the election. So Beatrix is the obligatory "Republicans are Evil" movie. It reminds me of Red State. Red state was made by people who hate conservatives, it stars people who hate conservatives, and it was written by people who hate conservatives, but it is sold as an accurate representation of what conservatives are really like. Never mind that the entire thing is fiction, that's the way conservatives really are. Conservatives are all racists, all misogynists, and all boorish, evil billionaires. Beatrix is also sort of a dark rip off of another Selma Hayek movie, "Fools Rush In." Fools pairs Hayek with Matthew Perry as a young married couple whose liberal and conservative cultures clash. There are actually scenes in which Hayek and Perry meet Perry's parents who at first believe Hayek to be Perry's maid. In the end, however, love overcomes cultural differences, Hayek and Perry reunite, and all is well between the left and the right. The crowd behind Beatrix, however, make sure there is no possibility of love covering the sins of the conservative right, no silver lining for Hayek, and no common ground between the left and the right. Unable to defend their ridiculous policies and hate for America in actual debate, the liberal left has resorted to character assignation and name calling to demonstrate how morally unfit the conservative right is to even be allowed to walk on the earth. Beatrix is actually more or less of a propaganda movie, and one wonders when Jud Suss, wearing a "Make America Great Again" baseball cap is going to appear and show us just how despicable the conservative right really is...at least in the imaginations of the liberal left.

Source : http://www.tulsaworld.com/scene/moviereviews/movie-review-beatriz-at-dinner-leaves-a-bad-taste-in/article_867fe4a2-fd70-5a58-84a1-38fe7ca7a6a2.html


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