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Aamir Khan New Movie News 2014: ‘PK’ Reveals A Sneak Peak In The Making Of A Funny Scene


Aamir Khan
(Photo : Twitter/Aamir Khan) Aamir Khan 'PK' movie poster

After his recent success with “Dhoom 3,” Aamir Khan is set to release another hit, “PK” and it looks promising, especially with his newly released teaser. Now fans are getting a sneak peak into some of the funny behind the scenes footage to see what they expect from the movie.


Khan recently shared a video which shows the making of a funny scenes from “PK.” The actor, who is known as Mr. Perfectionist,

reportedly shot the scene many times before it was correct and he was happy with it.

Check out the video below in the making of the “fat barber’s” scene.

Khan plays the role of an alien in the film, which also stars Anushka Sharma, who sports a cute short haircut and Sushant Singh Rajput.

Khan did whatever it took to play his character perfectly, which included digging in rags. According to a leading daily, the actor chose to wear old and stolen clothes rather than new a fresh ones in his upcoming film.

The 49-year-old is very keen on details for his films, so he made sure that filmmaker Raj Kumar Hirani arranged for clothes which suited his character perfectly. The film crew allegedly borrowed clothes from the local public and in turn gave them money.

Khan didn’t want to look fake, therefore he opted to wear old and rugged clothes.

“PK” is set to bit screen on Dec. 19, 2014.

“Coincidentally my films have been releasing during Christmas and each year, I have been showing trailer during Diwali. So, we decided to do the same this Diwali as well,” said Khan during the teaser launch of “PK.” “I hope the film works for us.”

After creating hits with “Dhoom 3,” “3 idiots,” “Taare Zameer Par,” and “Ghajini” all releasing around Christmas, it will not be a surprise to see “PK” join the list. Khan has put in a lot of effort into making his character look convincing.

“I am not used to eating paan, but for this film I have eaten as many as 50 to 60 paans in a day because of my character,” admitted Khan. “We used to have a paanwala on the sets.”

“Liek Raj Kumar’s other films even this film will have a strong message,” said Khan. “This is the toughest role of my career. I have hardly blinked in this film because of my character.”

“I can’t reveal much as the crux of the story will get revealed. There are a lot of rumors,” said Khan. “People feel that I am playing a double role, some feel I am playing an alien but wait till the film releases.”


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Aamir Khan New Movie News 2014: ‘PK’ Reveals A Sneak Peak In The Making Of A Funny Scene
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