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When I first saw 300, I wondered what all the fuss was about, but over the years it's grown in stature as both a highly stylized, visually inventive, and impressive piece of cinema. So it got butchered for the homo-erotic overtones and the enhanced buffed-up bodies of every Spartan warrior on screen, alongside a script about as subtle as a brick, but it had violence galore, more bravado than Braveheart, and more lopped-off limbs than Saving Private Ryan. It wasn't a history lesson, but a violent epic fantasy film adapted from Frank Miller and Lynn Varley's graphic comic series that incorporated the Persian Wars and the Battle of Thermopylae. Zack Snyder's film did well, despite the criticism, and a sequel was inevitable.

300: Rise of an Empire isn't directed by Snyder, but by Israeli Noam Murro. Maybe it's simply the visual style that's familiar, but this could have been a Snyder film because it has all his grandiose influences permeating from every aspect of the production. Another mix of violent, brilliantly choreographed battle sequences, CGI, and Eva Green, did I mention Eva Green was in this? Few actresses could have pulled off her role as the Persian's naval commander and blood-thirsty warrior, and she's without a doubt an intriguing watch here, even without the risqué bit of nudity. Based loosely around two battles, Artemisium and Salamis, this has epic naval warfare done with imagination, the same gloriously violent use of blood and gore, and some less buff numpties slaughtering each other over their love for Greece. We don't get Butler, West, or Regan, but some bloke called Stapleton, but there is the young Jack O'Connell and the Kiwi Callan Mulvey swinging swords around attempting to quell Eva Green's rampaging Artemisia. It may be self-indulgent and a bit boyish fantasy, but it appeals to the 14 year old boy inside this forty-something and I find this violently entertaining.

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