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The feeling of restlessness and breaking barriers is reinforced by Hertford's staging at Kilby Court. The audience is continually in motion, following the characters out of the building into the courtyard, then into the street, and back again, led by an actor, PJ Volk, wearing a purple wig and carrying a light that he uses to illuminate scenes and characters in the play. He is supposed to be Queen Mab from Mercutio's speech, an allusion that isn't really clear but does solve the lighting challenge.

The most dramatic lighting touch occurs at the play's end, when Romeo and Juliet die in the street, highlighted in the headlights of Paris' car. Hertford also places Juliet on the roof of an adjacent building for the balcony scene and inside the intimate, warmly lit interior of the same building for the couple's wedding night. Romeo leaves not for banishment but to avoid going to prison for Tybalt's murder: "They kill people like me," she confides to Juliet.

McKenzie Steele-Foster gives Romeo a streak of brash bravado that propels her from scene to scene: "I want to be rash and serious," she tells Lane Richins' drug dealer; "I can be both." Haeleigh Royall's Juliet is more cautious: "Everything about this is a bad idea except you," she admits to Romeo. But she has the courage of her convictions: "I know who I am and what I want," she tells Olivia Custodio's nurse. The couple's relationship is an explosive mix of passion and tenderness.


Ali Kinkade's Mercutio is a volatile blend of hot-headed and poetic; she turns Queen Mab's speech into a rap song. And Andy Rindlisbach strives valiantly and vainly to be the voice of peace and reason to counter Adriana Lemke's bullying, bigoted Tybalt. As representatives from the adult world, Daniel McLeod's Paris tries to inject order and authority while Custodio and Richins counsel Juliet and Romeo to be more sensible.

Hertford is remarkably faithful to Shakespeare, so it's interesting to compare scenes to the original as the play unfolds. At the same time, he puts a new spin on the story that opens it up to a different interpretation and makes it accessible to a contemporary audience. Shakespeare's theme still comes through loud and clear: As the drug dealer tells Romeo, "love's not a logical endeavor."

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