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Completely forgot about this, but it needs to be revisited. Nate At Night: Stroke Edition. Now THAT’S a show that has legs. Kudos to Eric for being front and center with some of his idols and looking around like a dog who got duped with a fake throw of a stick. Love it. Double kudos to the drummer who didn’t give a FUCK about Nate taking his sweet ol’ time trying to doggie paddle his brain back to this astral plane for a #SAFTB call. Ain’t nobody got time for that when certified jams need to be played – For real, they CRUSHED per usual including the best cover of Billy Joel’s Scenes From An Italian Restaurant any ears have ever heard. Long Island was WET.

But I can’t hate on Nate. It happens to the best of us (not really, just complete fucking idiots). It’s like time I had the opportunity to yell at QB1 Vince Howard The only chance I’ll ever get to meaningfully belt out a “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts!” outside of a barroom setting and I royally shit myself.

Clear eyes, full stroke, I lose.


Regardless, as with most things our little guy does, that O.A.R. video is unintentionally electric. As is promo we did for our Poker Matchup To The Death on Tuesday via FantasyLabs. One Take Nate, baby. The winner lives the dream. The loser DIES.

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