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Tonight, ABC will be airing a special, When We Rise, in place of Grey’s Anatomy. But don’t worry, our favorite doctors will be back next week at their usual time for an all-new episode.

Next week’s episode is titled “Civil War”, and the synopsis reads: “A grueling trauma case is complicated by hospital politics. Meanwhile, Amelia confronts her feelings regarding Owen; and Meredith finds herself stuck in the middle as Nathan and Alex butt heads over a patient.”


So where did Grey’s leave off? Last week, Alex finally came back to Grey Sloan Memorial for work, and Meredith agreed to return to the hospital, too. Alex’s first day back was, well, heavy. He was assigned to a mother-to-son kidney transplant, but things quickly turned dramatic when the boy’s father showed up to the hospital uninvited.

We learned that Cynthia (the mom) was a victim of domestic abuse at the hands of her husband, and after hearing this, Jo told Owen to ask the man to leave. But after that… it all got worse. Cynthia’s second kidney failed and the doctors still needed to give her son a kidney to live. As it turns out, the husband never actually left the hospital, and he overheard the doctors’ conversation. He said he wanted to give up his kidney to save his son, putting the doctors in a moral dilemma. Should they save Chris with a kidney from his father, who abused his mother? Ultimately, they did use the father’s kidney, but Jo secretly snuck into the OR to convince him to donate it anonymously and never admit to his wife or son that it was his kidney.

Another (maybe not-so-secret) secret that was revealed? Arizona and Eliza Minnick are together…ish. They’ve been meeting in the parking lot, hiding their steamy romance. Oh, and everyone seems to love to vocalize their disdain for Minnick in front of Arizona, which makes for an interesting juxtaposition.

Don’t miss a new episode of Grey’s Anatomy, which will return to ABC on March 9 at 8 p.m. ET.

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>Susan Clark March 2nd, 2017

So tired of the network interrupting the season with offbeat shows. They need to do these type of things later. The constant breaks are not appreciated by viewers!

>Anonymous March 4th, 2017

Get over it? It’s one week…

Reply >Anonymous March 4th, 2017

It is not just one week – it is following a looong production break!

Reply >Carol Leigh March 2nd, 2017

So not right to interrupt. .what in the world

Reply >Ashley March 2nd, 2017

Super disappointed it wasn’t on tonight……

Reply >Shirley Vogler

This is so unfair. I wait all week for Greys and you give the time slot to some idiot show.

Reply >dananon90

I actually like Minnick. Didn’t think I would, but I do.

Reply >Kelly March 2nd, 2017

Seriously! !! We want Grey’s Anatomy, it seems like lately they have been shortening up the show itself and having move frequent and lengthy commercials. It’s like they’re trying to derail the show by making you less interested and annoyed with it.

Reply >Martha Hernandez March 3rd, 2017

Its completely ridiculous that they skip the show for a week. As if the season break FIVE episodes ago wasn’t enough, they give the time slot to another show?! BULLSHIT if you ask me.

Reply >Anonymous March 4th, 2017

GET over it. It is one week. Wow.

Reply >Francine Reiner March 3rd, 2017

Ok. I feel a personal connection to Everyone in Grays Anatomy, especially doctor Bailey. . . You are an awesome woman. Ps: I am a blonde Scandavian. I love the relationships and the graphic scenes of this brilliant show. So far, this season has left me cold. Enough is enough. Let me leave while I still love you.

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