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It was pretty obvious that there was a lot of scenes missing from the theatrical release of Suicide Squad. There were subplots that were never followed up on. Jared Leto’s performance as the Joker, marketed as a major part of the film, was only a few minutes of the movie. And even scenes that were in various trailers did not appear in the film.

Obviously there was hope that most of not all of this footage would be restored to the film when it was announced that Suicide Squad would be getting an extended cut when it released on home video. The hopes of most footage being restored got dashed a little when it was revealed that the extended cut would only feature 11 additional minutes of footage. But hey, most of that has to be expanding Joker’s role, right? Make him a more substantial part of the movie. After all, according to Jared Leto, he filmed an entire movie’s worth of footage, so a chunk of that has to be in the extended cut, right?

That is not the case at all. The extended cut of Suicide Squad became available on digital HD this week. Out of the 11 minutes of added footage, only two minutes are of Joker. It’s merely one deleted scene where Margot Robbie is chasing him on a motorcycle, and a longer version of the scene where Joker is giving electroshock therapy to Doctor Harleen Quinzel. That’s it. That’s all the extra Joker you get. I guess the figured things like Croc explaining why he won’t eat Harley Quinn are more important…


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This really has me thinking there will be at least one more cut of this movie released in the future, possibly several. According to director David Ayer, there are about 6 or 7 cuts in the film. They could milk this for years, especially if say Harley Quinn & Joker really breakout and get their own successful movies. Suicide Squad: The Extended Cut is out on Digital HD now and on Blu-Ray & DVD December 13th.

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