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Bill Pullman spoke to the Hollywood Reporter about working with Mel Brooks on >Spaceballs, his spoof on Star Wars 30 years later.

Pullman played Lone Starr, a parody on both Han Solo and Luke Skywalker.  When he shot the film, those references would have went over his head, because despite the original Star Wars having been released 10 years prior to shooing along with the completion of the original trilogy by then, he didn’t see any of the films.

“I missed it the first time around. I just needed Mel to tell me what was going on. I didn’t need to see Star Wars to know what the whole thing was.”


Pullman was an unknown at the time of casting as he had only one film credit with Ruthless People. Harrison Ford, who plays Solo, was also relatively unknown prior to Star Wars, but had a number of TV credits and a few film roles.

Pullman discussed a variety of subjects from blue screen fears,  the late John Candy’s frustrations dealing with the animatronic parts of his Barf prosthetics, how Brooks’ struggled writing Lone Starr and how he contrast the comedic talents between Candy, Brooks and Rick Moranis (Dark Helmut).

“That was a trying day for John. He wanted to play it a certain way, Mel wanted it a different way and then he had to deal with the mechanical issues of the ears and tail. John’s sense of comedy was so ephemeral, it was these shy, short moments and there was real difficulty delivering that while trusting the ears and him wanting more control over the tail.”


He fondly remembered his former costar’s demeanor.

“It was a real testimony to his character that he never yelled. He never got angry. He would sit down, say he needed a break and everyone would just back off. Then he would get up and say ‘OK, let’s try it again.'”

He discussed how difficult Brooks had writing Lone Starr.

“I think Mel was having trouble writing Lone Starr. It was the last character he felt conformable with because there wasn’t a voice or shtick or something that was clear. So we worked hard. I had to bump up my game fast because I had never worked in Mel’s style before.”

He contrasted Brooks, Candy and Moranis’ comedic styles.

“Rick really pushed the envelope more than Mel would. I think it was a part of him being younger and edgier. Mel’s style was more ‘let’s refine the line,’ but he would let Rick riff. Rick and John had more of a conceptual style. Sometimes it would be tense. No one wants to say ‘that’s not funny’ when you’re working.”

What is your most favorite Lone Starr moment?

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