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Adlon, Minnie

Driver, and Katherine Hahn-gods, all-they got very real about the vagaries of being a amusing woman working, and trying to be taken seriously, in Hollywood. Maybe the character is in a bikini in the movie.'" Spoiler alert: "her character did not appear in a bikini in the movie.


Rossum has been always been vocal in her fight for a more equal Hollywood, and made waves in 2016 when she successfully demanded she receive the same pay as her "Shameless" co-star William H. Macy. "I feel like we're all vulnerable to it", she said. "The scene is over, and I have a towel on, and the director comes over to me and he goes, 'Pam, it would be really amusing if you dropped the towel and we could just see your butt, like, really fast, '" she remembers. "That was basically the question ... not in a bikini in the movie, not naked in the movie". And she didn't even have to audition for it! The 30-year-old commented, "To have the man counterpart on my show be like, 'Yes, she does deserve this and more, ' was so validating. And after it became public, it was a quick resolution". (Shocker.) "He wanted to know if I was fat now",

Rossum said. 'We really love your work, but we just want to see how tight your ass is.' Are you fucking kidding me?

Draymond Green: Cavs Fans are 'Just Rude'

James finished with 31 points, 10 rebounds, 11 assists and on one trip threw the ball off the backboard to himself for a dunk. Oh, by the way, the Warriors trailed the Oklahoma City Thunder 3-1 in last year's Western Conference finals but prevailed.

People scream at me like, 'F- you, Fiona, you overdosed that baby.' They actually think you're that person.
"Last time I checked, I'm not a f-king model".

Rossum, who claims the incident happened a year ago, explained that the director had just one concern over casting her for the part, which did not include any bikini or nude scenes.

Putin says Russia ready for constructive dialogue with USA

He added that many heads of state around the world had told him of similar US meddling in their internal affairs. He called the allegations a reflection of "exacerbating political infighting".

ADLON Suzanne Somers went through this with Three's Company, and they got rid of her. And she had to come and do one final scene where they let her in the back of the set, they made a fake Hawaii porch for her, and she calls Jack and Janet, and she's like, "I'm in Hawaii".

In response to her story, Emmy's former "Phantom of the Opera" co-star Minnie

Driver, who is now starring on "Speechless", said about changing the narrative of Hollywood, "We change it by sitting here and talking about these things".

Special counsel investigating Trump for obstruction of justice, Washington Post reports

Comey testified that initial explanations that he was sacked because of poor leadership were "lies, plain and simple". "How Mr. He's also looking for evidence of possible financial crimes among Trump associates, WaPo reports , citing anonymous officials.

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