James Mangold’s Three Favorite Logan Scenes

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There are sections of the movie, even if it is the 560th time that I've seen it, probably even more than that considering I have watched it every day for two years, but I continue to look forward to seeing certain scenes. His first scene with Patrick in the tank. The scene where Laura and Logan and Charles escape from that smelting plant. And then, quite late, I always love watching the scenes between Logan and the kids, very particularly the scene where [Laura] asks him about the bullet. And he levels with her in a way that is so honest, and, I think, out of character for these kind of movies, again it's more of a straight dramatic scene than kind of an action scene and I love both of their work in it.

Source : http://www.cinemablend.com/news/1661190/james-mangolds-three-favorite-logan-scenes


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James Mangold’s Three Favorite Logan Scenes
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